23 September

Yee Gads and Arrrggghhh! Just Arrrggghhh!

21 September

Musical updates!

19 September 2008

Robin Sharma's latest blog has just dropped into my inbox and I wanted to post it here because it's so true. In fact Simon and I were having a similiar sort of discussion last night, about how to stay positive, especially when trying to encourage our children to be the best that they can be. It's not always easy. It's often at times when I start to lose touch of the important things, that I find life starts to get more stressful and I stop being able to cope with things as well as I usually can. This is very timely!

The Daily Forgetting

Each day I forget. You know I'm no guru - just an ordinary person raising two kids, working hard and trying to make each day better than yesterday. I sure don't know all of the answers. And just when I think I have it all figured out - and life is smooth sailing - another "opportunity for growth and learning" shows up in the disguise of a "problem" to keep me humble. To help me elevate. To keep me in balance. To teach me compassion.

I need to share with you that I go back to the well every day. Every morning, during my 60 minute Holy Hour, I read from books of inspiration. Or I journal on gratitude or my hopes - and my fears (stepping outside your fears to witness them is how you unchain yourself from them). On some days I'll simply sit in silence and envision who I dream of becoming (as a man and as a Leader Without Title) as well as the life I aim to create. On other days I'll listen to audiobooks to remind me of what's most important.

The idea I'm encouraging you to celebrate is this one: each day, as we walk out into the world, the world begins to do it's job on us. Negative people shout their negative beliefs at us. People in fear try to invite us into shared misery. Troubling news stories and horrible images are placed front and center on newspapers to get our attention. Angry commuters and stress-filled workers find their way into our orbit. And so we forget.

We forget The Fundamentals. Fundamentals like every one of us is meant to be great - in our own unique way. Fundamentals like that stranger walking down the street is just like you: he was someone's child. He hopes for some happiness. He once had dreams. He needs to be loved. Fundamentals like no matter who you are and what you do, if you choose, you can make a positive difference at work and in life today. Fundamentals like life is good. And we can find joy in the simplest of things over these coming hours. If we have the good sense to focus on them.

I guess what I'm sharing is that each day is sort of a struggle for me. I wake up, set my course, fill my well with inspiration, wisdom and good ideas. I reconnect with who I truly am and all I want to do/be. And then I walk into another reality of sorts. One that entices me to forget. One that pulls me to get off course. One that suggests that other things are far more important.

Just maybe, this is life. A daily challenge between doing what's right and doing what's easy. All I know is that the more I stand for what matters, the less I forget. The more I remember. The easier it gets.




Girly weekend coming up. Simon and Jenny are off up to Rother Valley on a sailing course which means I get to hang out with Becky for the next two days. Saturday will be helping her with her magazine delivery round, and hopefully we will get a chance to pop up to see Simon and Jenny in action at some point. I'm itching to get my camera out again as it's been a while, so hopefully I'll get some nice shots of them messing around on the water.. Sunday the two of us are off to Meadowhall to do some shopping and take in a chic flick. We get to 'do' lunch too. Very girly.

Speaking of camera's - the last couple of mornings whilst driving to work, the fields have been really misty and would have made some stunning shots. Not for the first time over recent weeks have I wished I had a camera in the car, and really must make a point of keeping the Fuji in there. I think I will try to drag myself out of bed early in the morning and drive out there in the hope that it's misty again and hopefully get some good photos.

11 September 2008

In Brief

Book page updated.
No response to a name for my Eating Out Page.
Cannae think of a list for September.
New Website to create.
Off into deep hack mode. I may be gone some time. Ciao

10 September 2008

After a lot of too-ing and fro-ing and appealing to the Management's common sense (we had to dig deep to find it!) it has been decided that not only would it be good to keep me in the Gastro Dept but that I can stay in the same office I've been in the for the past 2 and a half months. I've been itching to take in some photos of the girls for my desk but didn't want to go tempting fate until we knew for sure so have held back, but come Friday I'll be able to personalise my desk a bit. That's what I call a result and a half.

So the job is going really, really well - so well that the weeks just fly by. I'm really pleased, I was beginning to think I wouldn't find a job where I felt comfortable and which I would enjoy. It's all good!

4 September 2008

Where on earth did August disappear to, not to mention the summer? September is here, theres a nip in the air and more than a little rain.

After the removal of our conservatory roof in order to replace the gutters last Sunday, we managed to replace it tonight, but not after turning my conservatory into a mini swimming pool. Half of the (47 year old) gutters still need removing then replacing with bright shiny new ones, so I'm hoping and praying for a dry spell in the next week in order that the work can be completed SOON! If anyone feels like doing a sun dance in our back garden then you will be greeted heartily - just make sure you don't fall over the lengths of plastic strewn across the lawn in the process. Oh and let us know that you're coming first, there has been a glut of back garden intruders amongst friends and if I arrive home to find coloured feathers in my fuscias I won't necessaily remember that I'd invited would be Native Americans to summon the sun gods.

The girls go back to school next Tuesday so this week has been spent shopping for school uniforms for Becky and suitable 6th form clothes for Jenny, spending a small fortune on both. We've hit Leeds, Sheffield and Chesterfield this week and finally exhausted our list of 'have to have's' for the new school year.

After a particularly lovely meal out with Rue and Liz last Friday night, I've decided to add a sub section to the food page. Yup, the boringly titled 'Eating Out' page will be coming soon. Unless you can think of something witty and original to name it after which event I will send you something nice though the post.

And on that challenging note I will take my leave and put my mind to September's 'List'.


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