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1 November 2008

What's that saying ... if you can't beat em ...?

Took the girls to Chatsworth yesterday for a walk through the fields and a warm up hot chocolate at the garden centre. They had their christmas display up and running already so we did our traditional thing early and bought some decorations. Usually we have a trip out in December to do this. It really is ludicrous that christmas displays are in full swing on what was the last day of October, a good 7/8 weeks before Christmas itself. That said it is a particularly good display and they have the nicest tree decorations. We were oohing and ahhing all around the shop, and there were so many that we wanted to buy.

Anyway ... it got me thinking. I have been feeling decidedly Christmassy already, this has happened for the past couple of years and I try to fight it off. I find that by the time we get to Christmas Day that I've peaked long, long before.

So ... my solution is to just embrace the Christmassy feelings and I have decided that Christmas will last for 2 months this year. Starting yesterday. It will mean drinking a hell of a lot of mulled wine which is tough but someone has to do it!!

So I'm looking forward to spreading out all those treats that usually get consumed in the space of a few days - the chocolate log, dates and marzipan, mince pies, stollen and christmas cake. It will still culminate in the feast of feasts on Christmas Day, but I think this way, it will help winter pass much more pleasantly. And with carols and christmas jingles playing softly in the background throughout, it will be simply wonderful.

30 October 2008

I came across a great quote today. Let's hope in the coming weeks that it will be history in the making:

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk; Martin walked so Obama could run; Obama is running so our children can fly."


29 October 2008

Well work still seems to be the dominant thing at the moment. We had a Health & Safety rep pay us a visit on Monday morning, who took one look at the boxes of files on the floor and then disappeared off to get his camera. Upshot is that the office is a fire hazard and is dangerous on about 5 seperate counts. Got into work this morning and the floor was clear - hurrah. Some swapping of filing cabinets has hidden the workload which addresses the fire and safety issue, but not the backlog. We are slightly better than we were a couple of weeks ago, but only just. Management seem to think the answer is to give us daily targets and have been chasing those folks who aren't meeting them. This just seems to serve to put the concientious workers under more pressure, and the slackers, well, they're slackers so they don't take it seriously anyway. It will all end in tears I tell you!

As it's half term this week I decided I wasn't going to do any overtime but spend the afternoons with the girls instead. So far we've hit Meadowhall for some serious shopping - new jeans, jumpers and cardis for the lasses; we've had a serious bottoming of their bedrooms (which seems to be a perpetual job) and a trip to Chatsworth is still to come - weather permitting.

And is it just me or is it starting to look a lot like Christmas?

23 October 2008

Well - it's ready! It's taken all of 4 months, but it's ready.

Really it's been ready for about a week now but I keep looking at it in the kitchen and thinking "will it be alright? What if I did something wrong and I end up with food poisoning?"

Maybe if I open it and have a sniff first, that might give me some indication as to it's state. I mean, it looks great, there's no lumps of mould or signs that any of it has gone off. But then I think What does botulism smell like? Can you see it, can you taste it?

I guess there is only one way to find out!

11 October 2008

Unfortunately I'm finding that I'm not able to update this as often as I would like at the moment. Work is mega, mega busy. After the changes of the workforce review which states that Secretaries can no longer type, we're 2 weeks behind with letters to GP's, so I've been doing some overtime to try to help with the backlog. It isn't working, but hopefully will soon!

I've been having a lot of early nights as I'm so tired, but manage to read for a hour or so before I do drop off. As you can see from the bookpage I'm rattling through the books again.

The Love Hope Strength Foundation are off on their musical treks again - this time off on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. You can follow their travels here - the pod casts are both inspiring and entertaining! Good luck to all of the team, especially Katt 'n' Jackie and Mike 'n' Jules.

3 October 2008


It's hard to believe that it's 17 years since I was labouring away in the hospital giving birth to Jenny. I'm now working in the same hospital and would never have believed it.

So - a huge Happy Birthday to Jenny - Hope today brings everything that you want it to and much, much more.

Love you to bits and very proud to be called your Mum!

Here's a little photo tribute!


1 October 2008

Yet another new month. The rain has been throwing itself down like stair rods for the past 24 hours and there is a definite nip in the air. On the plus side it's rainbow weather. For the past 3 days I've seen the most fabulous rainbows, each time on my way home from work. Not the deep vibrant colours you get when the sun is really strong but watery pastel hues - absolutely beautiful. Rainbows are one of my favourite expressions of nature. Another is the yellow, orange and browns of decaying leaves as they start their journey earthwards. Maybe between showers and rainbows I will get a chance to snap some of them. I hope so.

Talking of snapping, tonight I start a 10 week Photoshop/Lightroom course. Unfortunately the photography course that I had hoped to enrol on was oversubscribed so I opted for this instead. Something to keep me occupied between now and Christmas and which I'm hoping will fill in a lot of blanks in my photoshop knowledge.

News on the music front. Lydia Les Dolles heads up a band called Sweet Jane. They've just found out they have got the support slot with Glasvegas for their Dublin gig in December. Lydia has contributed to my old music site, Distant Warning, both as a writer and interviewee over recent years so its wonderful to see her and Danda get this break.

30 September 2008

Any Day Now





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